Welcome to ASTHORIA

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Dear guests of the ASTHORIA, friends of swinging,
we are glad to welcome you in our rooms.
Our parties take place in a cozy and stylish atmosphere !
In the different rooms you can let your fantasies run wild.Whether it is the game in the SM room, the enjoyment with all the senses in the Darkroom, the massage in the wellness room, or the sauna - or even join good conversation on the sofa. And last but not least the jungle room, with the large playground for activities with many people or the stopping room, in which one is undisturbed, but not unobserved. There is something for everybody !
We look forward to your visit.

Our guests

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Telephone: (04321) 840 04 79
Email: asthoria@online.de
Website: www.gotoswing.de

Wrangelstr. 34
24539 Neumünster